Karkinos Farm is an allegory.
Karkinos Farm is a memoir.
It is a book on its way to the publisher. True to the life of the Farm's residents new chapters open up unexpectedly and old ones get written perpetually. It is a memoir of no final end. Each time I think that this is the end chapter - a new one unexpectedly opens up.
Who is Karkinos?

Karkinos in the Greek mythology is known as Carcinus.

Carcinos is a transliteration of the Greek word for "crab". So Karkinos is - a crab.

Karkinos is a giant crab. One day the crab took a bite of the hero Heracles in his foot.

The goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, placed the crab amongst the stars as the galactic constellation - Cancer.

In the Latin, Carcinos means a crab - a cancer. Karkinos is cancer.

As we are about to see, Karkinos was man's foe from early times, and continues to be foe to present day.

Karkinos Farm is a memoir by Mandy Lender. A medical doctor. Internist by his training and practice. Then, one day in 2003, Karkinos, bit him in his... tongue.


Around the same year Karkinos bit his sister Minna, a historian. Karkinos bit her breast. Both got busy fighting back and upending Karkinos.

While Mandy and Minna were fighting cancer - Pirhia - Mandy's wife of forty years was bitten by Karkinos - inside her belly - at her colon. She was stricken and eventually succumbed to the cancer after ten months. All that happened within a time-frame of twenty-two months.

Six years later in 2011, - Venus - Mandy's matriarch dog - Venus - mother of a tribe of fifteen off-springs was diagnosed with lymphoma. Not unusual for Boxer dogs. The scourge of Karkinos remained hovering over the Farm.


All over again - biopsies, chemotherapy, side effects, the slow waning of life. Cancer struggle in the dog is not different than the one in humans. Similar chemotherapy. Except that a dog does not complain. A dog takes her vicissitudes of life with equanimity. The stoicism of the dog.

In 2012, the healers ran out of options. After a long period of chemotherapy it becomes impossible to discern if the run down condition is caused by Karkinos or by the therapy.

Karkinos Farm exists. It the playground for a string of events that took place from 2003 to date. The hopes, pain of the treatments - the surgeries, the radiations, the chemotherapy, the anguish, the hopes, the successes and the failures. All from the point of view of a physician.

Where is Karkinos Farm?

Karkinos the crab, found fertile grounds in our family and household. The opportunity to reproduce after itself and multiply at about the same time. So Karkinos Farm is...